The Orchard

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Have you ever had to step out in faith and put your trust in God even when those around you were full of doubt? Today as you wander through our budding orchard, you may see the beautiful green of the trees and the ripeness of our fruits and vegetables. But what if I told you that at first, when this area was not yet developed, it was believed that nothing would ever grow?

When Mrs White travelled from Sydney, where she was staying, to survey the land in Cooranbong, those around her warned her that the soil was too acidic. But Mrs White had faith in it, and after setting up her house at Sunnyside and the Avondale Bible School, she sought to prove that plants could survive here.

With the help of orchardist, Mr Moseley, she planted trees bought in Sydney using a unique planting method still recognised under her name today. Her fruit trees thrived in the tropical conditions, and soon the orchard was brimming with her signature fruits: mandarins, oranges, and passionfruit.

She soon set up a garden at the Bible School, and each day the students would eagerly arise in the morning to care for the fruits and vegetables which supplied their daily meals. At one time, over a thousand trees were thriving under their tender care.

In honour of her pioneer spirit and willingness to trust in God’s providence, our volunteers are working to revitalise the orchard to its original state. Though simple plants, this space encourages us all to step out in faith and see what God can do.